True lifestyle as stated by Dhan Dhan Baba Isher Singh Ji Nanaksar

  1. All sins disappear, when you fall down at Guru’s feet.

  2. A Sikh’s practical life is his teachings.

  3. To lead a virtuous life do not point fingers at others and do not give an opportunity to others to point fingers at you.

  4. Be proud of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and be confident of him also.

  5. Non believers (manmukhs) always lose in life.

  6. If you curse another person, that curse will fall on you.

  7. Anything that makes you forget God’s existence is MAYA.

  8. First see God in your Guru.

  9. With the Guru’s blessings, even suffering is turned into bliss.

  10. Without Guru’s blessings, even bliss turns into suffering.

  11. One who recites Gurbani but indulges in backbiting is a self centered person (manmukh).

  12. Religion of Guru Nanak Dev Ji will never fail.

  13. On hearing Guru’s name, even the messengers of death run away.

  14. Guru does not push you away, your deeds do that.

  15. A person, who is proud is an evil person.

  16. Conduct Sewa with dedication and it will result in bliss.

  17. A dignified person is one, who behaves nicely even towards a bad person.

  18. Which fast should you keep? The one from bad deeds.

  19. There is no greater virtue than connecting someone to Guru.

  20. Distancing someone from the Guru is the biggest sin.

  21. A person who follows his own mind is always a loser.

  22. Anything that distances a person from God, is an illusion (MAYA).

  23. Delay is in submission to God, from His side there is no delay in forgiveness.

  24. A person who does not remember God is like a dead body.

  25. You give up ego and He will shower you with all kinds of blessings.

  26. Turning your back towards the Guru and being ungrateful are the greatest sins.

  27. Never forget even the smallest favor done by someone.

  28. Guru does not look at your misdeeds.

  29. Gurbani is eternally true.

  30. Avoid bad deeds.

  31. Do not follow the mind, let the mind follow you.

  32. The Guru rescues the person who is drowning before he will rescue anyone else.

  33. Materialistic wealth will soon perish.

  34. You will always succeed if you keep the company of noble people.

  35. The soul of the Ten Gurus is the body of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

  36. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji gives you those gifts which you cannot even imagine.

  37. Gurbani is the master key which opens all locks of life.

  38. Naam is one wing and the other wing is Sewa.

  39. Believers are always winners.

  40. Worship the Guru and the whole world will worship you.

  41. Falling at the feet of the Guru will destroy ego.

  42. Have faith in Guru and the misfortunes will turn into blessings.

  43. Guru is always ready to forgive and his bachans are always true.

  44. Surrender to Guru and he will take care of you in this world and thereafter.

  45. If one does not respect his Guru, he can never respect God’s existence.

  46. Why should one rest if he is a Sikh? Why should one have ego if he is a beggar (we are all beggars in front of Guru).

  47. God is not far away, he is always with you.

  48. Have complete faith and God will embrace you.

  49. By doing Guru’s sewa, the mind starts thinking of good deeds.

  50. Those are rich, who have true wealth (Naam).

  51. Direct your life towards Guru and your troubles will vanish at once.

  52. Turning your back towards your Guru and becoming self centered are the two biggest sins.

  53. God is present for believers and out of sight for non believers.

  54. Look at your own misdeeds and not at the misdeeds of others.